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Work this week: Willie Nelson & Family. How do I get paid for this?

RIP Donald Byrd 1932-2013

1. I’ve Longed & Searched For My Mother
2. Here I Am
3. Fuego
4. Ghana
5. Janine
6. You’re Next
7. French Spice
8. Christo Redentor
9. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
10. Slow Drag
11. Blackjack
12. Mustang
13. Kofi

Check out the video of Gilles introducing the mix //

This really deserves, nay, requires, headphones. 

Last show of the year for STUDIO 105 PRESENTS. So proud to have produced this inaugural little cabaret series at Sunset! Bittersweet to say goodbye, but if you have to, might as well do it sold out with encores, right? Sorry, I gotta brag. Check out Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums feat. Miss Carmen Getit at: 

All the people, All the time


"Diversity isn’t just access, it is all the people, all the time.

Diversify your programming. If your programming is diverse, diversify your staff. If your staff is diverse, diversify your board. If your board is diverse, diversify your organizational relationships. If your organizational relationships are diverse, diversify your your cross sector relationships. If your cross sector relationships are diverse, share. Share information. Share examples. Share power.

I think we worry too much about the younger generation. We have to let go. And if they want to take over the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and present only hip hop? That’s ok. Did you hear me? THAT’S OK. Because some other young person is going to come along and want to present ballet too.”


- Baraka Sele, Vice President of Programming at New Jersey Performing Arts Center (approximately, from my notes when I heard her speak at the 2013 Cal Presenters Conference in San Jose).



Anita Ondine, creative director of Transmedia Next takes us through what she calls the “8 Elements of Transmedia.” These eight elements can help us identify when a multiplatform story is truly “transmedia,” as well as serving as a useful development methodology when you are developing your own transmedia concepts.

  1. Telling a story
  2. Using a variety of story forms
  3. Across multiple media platforms
  4. Within a unified storyworld
  5. Encourages audience participation
  6. Embedded game mechanics
  7. social experience
  8. Designed for multiple levels of engagement

More on Transmedia Storytelling

poster art (classical/opera/choral)

2013 season branding for shakespeare in the park by pentagram

Shakespeare’s Original Pronunciation. This video contains all of my favorite things in one thing. 

Moments from the Monterey Jazz Festival. Snarky Puppy & Gregory Porter. What a night.

San Francisco Opera: The Magic Flute. David Hockney’s stage plans